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Fuel Tanks

4WD WORLD outlets offer a wide range of fuel tanks for 4WDs.

Tanks are available in:
  • Replacement (Replacement of original tank with one of larger capacity)
  • Auxiliary (Additional tank to complement the 4WD's original fuel tank)

All 4WD tanks are made of 2mm sheet steel with brass fittings, stainless steel hose clamps, high tensile bolts and nyloc nuts. Tanks are internally baffled and incorporate an expansion chamber in the design to allow for fuel expansion on hot days.

Filling points vary from original (with most replacement fuel tanks) to a new filling point (on some auxiliary tanks).

Auxiliary fuel tanks can include a sender unit and different fuel transfer systems apply to particular models. An electric fuel transfer pump is the preferred option with most diesel and fuel injected 4WDs.

All tanks carry a manufacturer's warranty.

Please note: With many modern 4WDs, it is necessary to modify the vehicle's suspension to obtain optimum operation of the 4WD vehicle. The added weight of larger fuel capacity is a problem to 'showroom' 4WDs with coil springs and a solution (such as Polyairs) can be a very cost effective solution to the problem.

Contact your nearest 4WD WORLD outlet to find out the tank options for your particular make and model.

These will vary and it's important to follow the advice of experienced persons to ensure complete satisfaction.

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