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About KCHilites

KC Hilites are recognised as one of America's leading brands of auxiliary lighting. Australian motorists can now access the KC range through a wide range of outlets Australia wide.

Products from KCHilites

High Intensity Discharge (Metal Halide)
  • 150mm Diameter
  • 35 watt
  • 600,000 candlepower

This new technology uses mercury and xenon gases to create a light source. The gases are ignited by applying 30,000 volts of current within a glass tube.

69 Series (220mm x 150mm)
  • 130 watt Quartz Halogen
  • Long range or driving lenses
  • Pre-terminated wiring harness
  • Quartz Halogen 130 watt
  • Titanium look finish
  • 150mm diameter x 70mm deep
  • Clear light covers
  • Lock nuts
  • Mesh rock shields
  • Soft vinyl covers
57 Series (165mm x 105mm)
  • 55 watt Quartz Halogen
  • Interchangeable fog and drive light lenses

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